Entry Registration (Form B)

Member National Authority:


Position or role in the MNA:



Position M / F ISAF Sailor ID Last Name First Name Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy Fee (Euro)
Team Leader  M F 900
Coach 1  M F 900
Coach 2  M F 900
Boy’s One Person Dinghy M 900
Girl’s One Person Dinghy F 900
Boy’s Two Person Dinghy Helm M 1.800
Boy’s Two Persons Dinghy Crew M
Girl’s Two Person Dinghy Helm F 1.800
Girl’s Two Person Dinghy Crew F
Boy’s Windsurfer M 900
Girl’s Windsurfer F 900
Open Multihull Helm  M F 1.800
Open Multihull Crew  M F
Open Skiff Helm  M F 1.800
Open Skiff Crew  M F
Total Championship Fees
Less Pre-paid boat reservation fee €100 per boat) -

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