CYSAF working to obtain the DNSS

February 8, 2016

KIO1 KIO2A structured training program for Sailing and coaches, with a specific action plan, has been set in motion with the goal to introduce the Cyprus Sailing Federation into the framework of the “Development of the National Sports Structure” (DNSS). It is a program that is being put forward with the assistance and support of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity and ISAF.

ISAF South African expert Rob Holden was the speaker of the Technical Course for coaches that was staged from the 16th to 21st of January in Limassol. Rob Holden remained in the island after the end of the seminar to offer his knowledge to the Cyprus Sailing Federation to help set the bases of the program.

The coaches’ framework was established with the assistance of Mr. Holden. The preparation for the framework was done by the three-member committee of the Federation led by Elena Papazoglou, technical advisor of the Federation and head of the program. Elena Papazoglou has completed the 2014 ISAF Sport Specific Scholarship for Coaches and Managers. The next step is the writing of syllabus based on the coaching context.

Rob Holden visited the Nautical and Sailing Clubs, members of the CYSAF and had the opportunity to develop the program and answer questions. The next meeting on the issue is expected in March or April 2016. Rob Holden appears to be optimistic that by February/March 2017, the Federation and the clubs will join the program.